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Papa Fashions being a wholesale e-commerce service provider, acts as conduit for a large amount of sensitive and private data. Specifically addressed herein is payment information, address information, telephone numbers, and other such data commonly given during an online purchase.

Utmost care is taken to maintain the privacy of both our merchant clients and their on-line patrons. It is our strict policy not to share, rent or sell such data to anyone under any circumstances.

Shopper data is given ONLY to the merchant operating the online store that the shopper is purchasing from. Specific information is not used for any other purpose whatsoever, although general statistical data may be generated from the information.

At , we believe strongly in personal privacy, and as such forbid the use of our shopping cart service by any merchant engaging in mass e-mailing, unsolicited e-mailing, or any other type of SPAM currently in vogue. This policy is STRICTLY enforced, and will result in immediate account termination. 


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